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Meet Pearl Marketing Group

"The foundation of any business' marketing is its website: so many marketing efforts begin and end there!"

Pamela Stover

CEO + Chief Marketing Officer


Pamela brings more than twenty years of industry experience to Pearl Marketing Group. As Chief Marketing Officer, she oversees the creative and strategic development of PMG clients. 


With an extensive background in the print and graphic design industries and almost ten years' marketing experience at one of the world's largest charitable organizations, Pamela has been developing client relationships in the west Georgia area for over a decade. Armed with corporate and non-profit experience and a passion for design and affordable, 'do-it-yourself' modern marketing, Pamela launched Pearl Marketing Group full time in 2014.


Using creative and strategic talent, Pamela's long-term vision is to position Pearl Marketing Group as a catalyst for the successful launch and sustainability of small businesses and non-profits.



On a personal note, Pamela enjoys painting with acrylics and is represented by the Dogwood City Art Gallery in Tallapoosa, Georgia. A few more random facts:


Fave Drink: Bolthouse Mocha Cappacino

First Car: A crazy gold Nova with a 350 hp engine

Guilty Pleasure: Fast cars (you shoulda seen that one comin'...)

Fave Punctuation: The 'n' dash - it's so versatile, see?

Down Time: Seriously? What is that?


"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."

Kristen Mendez

Graphic Designer + WIX Certified Web Developer


Educated at the University of Georgia (UGA) at the Lamar Dodd School of Arts (Art X Department), Kristen lends her graphic design skills and web knowledge to creating branding and marketing pieces of all kinds, from print materials, mugs, bags and billboards to business cards, flyers and websites. 


Recreation for Kristen includes spending time with her three little pooches and her husband. She's also a long-time anime freak - uh, 'fan' - and loves photography and painting.


Fave Color: Mint Green

Fave Dachshund: Itchi

Fave Drink: Cherry Coke

Bucket List 'To Do': Visit Akihabara, Japan

"Be bold or italic: never regular!"

Felicia Jacobsen

WIX Certified Web Developer


With extensive customer service experience and HTML5 platform knowledge at the core of her talents,  Felicia designs websites aimed at the end-user's experience and our clients' marketing capabilities, from email marketing to social media.


When she's not behind a monitor, Felicia enjoys traveling the world with her husband. She also extensively documents the comical lives of her two cats - both of whom are rescues - via social media and smart phone. (They really are funny!)


Fave Band: The Promise Drive

Fave Kitties: All of them!

Fave Drink: For now, Mellow Yellow

I Love to Hate: Needles

"I'm silently judging your font choice."

Fabio Perez

Typographer + Graphic Designer


Hailing from the sunny state of Florida, Fabio's design experience runs the gamut from amazing t-shirts to typographical posters and branding. He's been a featured artist on and invited to Dribble. 


Fave Color: Blue-ish

Fave Font: Homemade by Me

Fave Drink: Coffee in the morning

Fave Place to Be: Anywhere my family is

The Pearl Marketing Group Brand

By now hopefully you know a little bit about where we came from and what our professional experiences are. That means that you also know that our start up challenges were probably similar to yours: not much capital to work with which meant that an awesome website with branding and marketing looked like it wasn't going to happen. Fast forward to today: We've met that challenge head on and now we'd like to share our solutions with you.


So here's what the Pearl Marketing Group brand and our products bring to your table: 






Call today to get our brand working for yours!





Definitely a 'Do It Yourself' Kinda Story

You've heard the expression 'if you want to be able to afford it, do it yourself'? Well... yeah, ok we changed the saying a little bit there. But how many of you can relate? When Pearl Marketing Group first started out, we needed a digital home of our own. But we couldn't afford to keep paying someone hundreds of dollars (or even a few dollars) a month for maintenance and site changes, not to mention the cost of hosting on top of that. The obvious solution was that we'd do it ourselves. But we weren't coders or programmers and Word Press was so time consuming to figure out. 


So we went in search of an affordable DIY option that would be compatible with Google and email marketing efforts. Oh, and we wanted to easily design it ourselves with no holds barred. Like most designers, we like coloring OUTSIDE the lines, not within the lines of very limiting software. (Can someone say 'Microsoft Word'?) And let's not forget our live social media feeds, videos and moving backgrounds. And because we don't like to code any more than you do, the website builder had to be quick to learn and easy to manipulate. No long learning curves, please! AND we didn't want to be afraid

of breaking the website if we changed the wrong thing. Our new site also had to be responsive (viewable on any device - small or large, Apple or PC). What can we say: as designers, we wanted to have our cake and eat it too! We were hard to please but after searching for a year, we found the perfect HTML5 platform that fit our budget AND our need for design options (no template sites here!) We loved it so much, we've become experts of this DIY 'website without code' technology.


A funny thing happened when we put together our first digital dream. We discovered marketing tools that follow the same criteria we had for our website: quick to learn, 'drag-n-drop' design, professional look-and-feel with social- and search engine-friendly functionality. Boy, were we in marketing heaven! 


So instead of just offering graphic design and branding, we decided to roll all of our new-found tools into affordable packages for small businesses and non-profits. It's like the perfect marketing 'start up' bundle!


Contact us today for a package that fits your needs.


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