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In working for years with so many not-for-profit groups, we've discovered a couple of basic needs, common across the board, that hamper their important work:

1. An affordable, simple-to-use, professional, branded website that doesn't require an IT department to make changes or teach a volunteer staff to update.

2. A basic knowledge of branding, so their messaging is consistent and visually appealing across donor, volunteer and constituent touch points. This includes a professional head shot photo, which most executive directors don't have.


With these tools in hand, non-profits can much more effectively change the world we live in by communicating factually and persuasively. That's where our workshop comes in...



Boot Camp

Live mobile

& desktop

web site


style guide





food &


what's in the workshop

No Code, Live-on-the-web, Non-Profit Website ::

The website you leave with will be designed with not-for-profit goals in mind: donation page options, payment portals; volunteer and donor pages, FAQ pages and more. No matter the design you choose, we'll be there to help you customize and brand it from top to bottom. This site will be a living, breathing organizational tool usable by your entire staff. You'll leave us with a live, fully-functional, fully editable NON-PROFIT website.

VALUE: $3,000

4 Weeks of Branding Bootcamp ::

Branding Bootcamp is specifically built to ensure that you maximize your one-on-one time with us. Four weeks prior to The Workshop, you'll receive weekly prep homework that will teach you the steps it takes to visually build a cohesive brand that appeals to your non-profit's target donor and volunteer audiences. 

VALUE:  $1,200

2 Day Hands-On Workshop ::

For two days, some of the community's most visionary and compassionate people come together in a small, hands-on setting of only five participants to build a no code, beautifully-branded website and to learn the fundamentals of branding your non-profit. You'll connect and share the learning experience in a creative setting with other non-profit leaders. You'll receive a complimentary workbook and swag.

VALUE:  $400

Brand Style Guide ::

You'll create a Brand Style Guide that will allow you to share and carry out the vision of your non-profit's brand with volunteers, donors, constituents and your community. Leverage your brand over time through consistency and awareness by keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to your logo's usage, colors, layout, photography and fonts.

VALUE:  $200

Photo Shoot ::

Bring your energy, a power outfit and a smile so you can enjoy an exciting, fun-filled photo shoot on Day 2! Since photographs are worth a thousand words, we help you say 'professional' and 'knowledgeable' without saying the words. Since your website and social media platforms are likely the places you'll be researched, your photo should be spot-on. It's all part of your branding efforts!

VALUE:  $300

Lunch & Snackage ::

No one brings their 'A' Game without food to feed the creativity, so we provide a lunch and snacks throughout the day to keep you bringin' it! (We'll address any specific dietary needs before you arrive.)

VALUE:  $40


"Our first website was through Wordpress. We were afraid to make changes so our info was always old and events couldn't be added. Pam and her team created a much better option!"

Rosie -

"Our website and printed materials now have a consistent message and visual quality that we never had before. Our donors take us more seriously and our volunteers can now help update the site."

Jennie -

"Our website and printed materials now have a consistent message and visual quality that we never had before. Our donors take us more seriously and our volunteers can now help update the site."

Jennie -

register now!

Seating is limited to SIX participants.

5 Seats Left!


september 28-29

10 am to 5 pm

With a value of over $5,000, your investment of only $2,000 includes a live, fully functional desktop and mobile Non-Profit Website, Branding Bootcamp, Brand Style Guide, Hands-On Training with our Designers, a Head Shot Photo Shoot with our Photographer and lunch and snackage for both days. 

Registration is open until seats are fully filled or until two weeks before workshop.

Seating is limited to only six participants.

(See our FAQs for more information.)


Click below to pay for your workshop in full ($2,000) securely through PayPal using all major credit cards. (Please see FAQs for important information.)

frequent questions:

  • Why is branding so important for a non-profit?
    As a not-for-profit entity, our world is directly influenced by your work! For that we thank you... While WE know the kind of hard work that goes into the changes you accomplish, the remainder of the world does not. Branding allows you to craft a message and then communicate that message consistently through words, photography and tone. If you can't effectively share your mission with the world and generate trust, you will either be an exhausted one-man show or you won't be around long! Keeping the look and feel of your brand throughout your non-profit lends you credibility. People donate to non-profits that have earned trust. A well-designed logo, website and tagline fosters trust, which helps YOUR non-profit with sustainability and longevity.
  • Why is the registration deadline four weeks before the workshop?
    The four weeks allows an optimal amount of time for participants to finish the four week Branding Bootcamp. The homework assignments are pre-requisites to the two day hands-on workshop.
  • What platform do you use for your websites and why?
    We use Wix for a whole lot of reason! Here's a few: You don't need to know CODE. So no need to be afraid to make changes! Just 'click and drag' website components into place.All of your ALT and META tags are all in one place using the Wix Wizard. Integrating a blog native to your site is just a click and greatly adds to your organic (translate FREE) SEO efforts. Your Mobile website is included with extra thumb-friendly features Marketing is a snap with live social feeds, pop up windows, email capture forms, interactive tabs and chat too! Wix is always morphing by adding features and keeping up with Google. Your new website is VERY COST EFFECTIVE. There's so much more, you just have to see it for yourself!
  • If I can not attend, may I have a refund?"
    Up to four weeks before the workshop, we can give you a full refund or you may choose to reschedule. At four weeks before the workshop, we can't give you a refund. At that point, we've started to share our knowledge with you. You may, however, choose alternate dates from scheduled workshops up to a year from the date you needed to reschedule.
  • May I use my head shot wherever I'd like?
    Absolutely! We'll email you the high resolution file of your professional head shot. Feel free to resize it for use on all social media channels, blogs, print and promotional material and (of course) your website!
  • What is a Brand Style Guide?
    While the complexity and legality of a Brand Style Guide can range from simple (which is what we'll help you put together), the purpose of a Brand Style Guide is to put in writing those things that keep your message consistent throughout your non-profit: PMS colors (Don't know what those are? We'll teach you!), photography style, voice, tagline, fonts, logo usage and other pertinent facts associated with your brand. Employees, volunteers and supporters need to know about your brand to use it in their own marketing efforts. Consistency with voice and core messaging is what builds brand recognition over a long period of time. Choose wisely!
  • What if I have a dietary request?
    Not a problem! We'll be reaching out to you as soon as you register to find out these kinds of details. We certainly want you happy and healthy! If we haven't asked you in writing at least two weeks prior to the Workshop, please email us and let us know your needs.
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