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Wooden Surface

Fall Leaf | Tiny Oil Painting

The intricate detail of an individual leaf is so full of color and symmetry. Stems and veins and oranges and reds all come together with curls and creases and dark spots to create a million different variations of life. Leaves are an amazing reminder of the impossible detail with which our Creator has decorated our world and personalized each of our lives.

I have decided to release my very first oil painting to the public. This intricately painted tiny oil painting is created on a rich, textured, 4"x6" canvas panel with a muted, creamy yellow background. It's a perfect gift for those that like artwork but don't have room for a large piece in their space. Frame not included. (Click photos to enlarge.) THERE IS ONLY ONE, so first come, first serve. However, specific colors for your decor can be requested.

Purchase Information:

$50 via PayPal: (use email address

Email Custom Orders:


THE ARTIST: Pamela Stover has been a creator for over 30 years, from graphic and web design to drawing and painting. She started her first business in middle school selling her drawings of unicorns and was blessed to grow up to own Pearl Marketing Group, where she works and ministers with her business partner creating brands, logos, graphic design and websites.

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