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Do It Yourself

You've heard the expression 'if you want it done right, do it yourself'? Well, we did! When Pearl Marketing Group first started out, we needed a cyber home of our own. But we couldn't afford to keep paying someone hundreds of dollars (or even a few dollars) a month for maintenance and changes, not to mention the cost of hosting on top of that. So we went out in search of an affordable DIY option that would be compatible with Google and email marketing efforts. Oh, and we wanted to easily design it ourselves with no holds barred (because most of us like coloring OUTSIDE the lines). And let's not forget our live social media feeds, videos and moving backgrounds. Because we don't like to code any more than you do, the builder had to be quick to learn and easy to manipulate. We didn't want to be afriad

we would break something if we changed the wrong thing. What can we say: as designers, we wanted to have our cake and eat it too! We were hard to please but after searching for a year, we found the perfect HTML5 platform that fit our budget AND our design skills. We loved it so much, we've become expert weilders of this DIY 'website without code' technology.


We've even added marketing tools that follow the same criteria: quick to learn, 'drag-n-drop' design, professional look-and-feel with social- and search engine-friendly functionality.


We'll design your site for you



A company's website is the key

  to its entire business.

~ Marcus Sheridan

We believe that a company should be able to wield it's own marketing tools. PERIOD. That's why we build unique, branded websites that require ABSOLUTELY NO CODING and enable businesses, start ups and non-profits to manage their own sites once we've designed and launched. Every website package includes an Education Session designed to teach you how to use and make changes to your new website. We promise: It's as easy as typing an email!


Branding isn't just your logo, it's who you are as a business. Through conversation and interaction we help you build your company's personality and then communicate that to your customers. Here's where we shine, though: every package that we sell includes an Education Session about how to use your new logo and keep your branding consistent and top-of-mind.


Our prinicipal thought is that marketing tools should be easy to use and integrate with your website, regardless of your experience level. You tell us about your business goals and we'll develop a strategy to get you there. Then we do something completely outta the box: we GIVE you the tools to succeed and we TEACH you how to do it! You'll have full control of your marketing destiny. Of course, if you'd like to keep us around to do it for you, we're up for that too.


For starters, according to Google, 4 in 5 people use search to find local information. *  So if you're not online, you're not in the game!


Secondly, your website should be actively collecting customer information for re-marketing efforts. Gone are the days of the 'static brochure' website that merely takes up cyber-space. Your website should be working for you 24/7!


So how do you accomplish all of this on a bootstrap budget? Let us create a website without code that you can edit yourself. Never pay monthly maintenance or programming fees again!

We couldn't agree more.

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