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As a small business, start up or non-profit owner, you're well versed in doing things yourself to save money, get the job done and move on. We know: we've been in your shoes. But in the case of your website, branding and marketing, that's not a wise choice. Your website is often the first glimpse of your business that people see. That's where Pearl Marketing Group comes in.


We develop websites that you can easily manage and edit yourself - NO CODING INVOLVED and no ongoing monthly maintenance or site update fees, unless you choose it.


We took our concept two steps further: we combined our custom sites with designer branding and DIY marketing tools to do something no one else does: We design, launch and then TEACH you to use your website, branding and marketing tools!




Branding is all about how your customers perceive you every time they interact with you; whether that's viewing your print material, visiting your website or completing a transaction with you. As a start up, non-profit or SMB, we can create a brand for you and teach you to use your new tools in your marketing efforts to create a strong, consistent presence. Visual branding consistency helps to

create a strong marketing presence. Consistency fosters trust and ultimately cultivates relationships. Whether you need a logo, brochures, brand guidelines or other branded print or electronic media design, Pearl Marketing Group can be your source. 


Call today to schedule a consultation.



We've got a solution for start up, non-profit and SMB companies that are in 'DIY' mode. We DESIGN, LAUNCH and TEACH you how to use your simple new website. We make it an easy, no-coding-required marketing tool and Google friendly brand powerhouse with no long term contracts to weigh you down.

What's more? Our MOBILE SITES are included in your quote in most cases. With Google's new mobile site requirements hitting you square in the search results (ie. the 'money department'), you can't afford to not be mobile! Call today to schedule a consultation.



Our marketing solutions integrate perfectly into your new website, which means that your site is actively working to gain you new customers 24/7 - even while you sleep! Are you gaining new clients RIGHT NOW and then marketing to them again before, during and after a purchase? You should be: you're leaving money on the table!

Ask us about Facebook and Email Subscriber lightboxes, automatic data base and segmentation feeds, live social media feeds and more! These tools are so much easier than you think to implement and automate and could net you more profit from one client than just one sell! Contact us today to find out more about our strategy.



Everyone knows that video is important. Just look at how Facebook ranks video viewership above a post with a graphic and how fast YouTube and Periscope has grown! Let's face it: if you're trying to sell ANYTHING on the internet, you're more likely to sell it if you use video as part of your marketing tools. But typically, video production is expensive, keeping most startups and small businesses from jumping into that arena of their marketing that could benefit them so much. 

Well, as you should know by now, Pearl Marketing Group has a solution for you! We can create one-of-a-kind intros, outros, transitions and social endcaps for your videos as well as pull it all together and enhance its overall appearance. Your video will go from 'boring' to 'absolutely stunning' overnight! We'll be introducing more of this capability on our website soon. But for now, contact us for more information about how to make your informational, tutorial and blog vids the talk of the town!

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