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Hi There! 

Feel free to download and share any of the resources below to get ya through the "virus" hump. We're available to hop on a call or chat with you if you'd like. Hope it helps!

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Here's the slide deck from our call. Feel free to share this page link with other SMBs who need some direction right now.

In your face, hard, honest look at getting attention for your business. Beware: he drops the "F" bomb! His marketing advice is direct and spot on. If you don't get marketing, you should watch this.

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You can do all or some of these ideads right now to help your business and your life. Please share this page link with others who need them.

This video describes the difference between a logo and a brand. Seth also talks about his new book. YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION!

More in your face, strategy. Beware: he does drop the "F" bomb! He gives really solid, actionable direction.

Two amazing marketing professionals together on the same set: Maria Forleo and Seth Godin. Sink your teeth in!


Financial Assistance

We hope these links will help out during this financial crunch.

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How the Cares Act Works, created by Stansberry Weaver attorneys, will let you know what's coming and when from the Federal Government.

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3 Months FREE!

If you're a current account holder, log in to your account, go to "Support", "Contact Us" and chat with an agent to let them know you're having difficulty. They will awesomely give you three months.


Free Pro Podcast Accounts for Schools, Government, and NGOs

Buzzsprout is offering free hosting accounts to schools, governmental agencies, and non-profits working to combat COVID-19. To request a free account, sign up for Buzzsprout and click the COVID-19 button at the top. They will be upgrading accounts on a nightly basis. Email with any questions.


The Creator Fund

ConvertKit is offering financial assistance to creators for COVID-19 related hardship, up to $500, to help with medical, childcare, housing, or grocery needs. For more information on how to request assistance, visit

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