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Clients and people I meet ask me quite often:

What website platform do you use? Who do you use for email marketing?

Well, the answer to those kinds of questions, is that there are a few tools out in the digital market place

that work very well across the board for most, if not all, of my clients. I'm happy to share them with you. 

Some of the links below are links that I get commission from, if you decide to use them.

But please know that I only recommend tools that I have personally used for myself or my clients.


I'm so impressed with this Debit Card: it gives back to the community by offering - literally -

DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR rewards for EVERY. SINGLE. SWIPE. of your card! Then you can use those rewards to

purchase everyday household items, vacations, gift cards and so much more.


If you're a non profit or a fundraising organization of any type, you can use the Tranzact Card to raise capital and it will easily make money for you IN PERPETUITY - that means FOREVER! There's no other fundraiser that will give you that.

I love this card so much, I became a franchise owner. Give it a try!

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Constant Contact.jpg

Constant Contact was one of the first email marketing platforms to emerge, but it has certainly changed with the times. You can use it as a beginner or use it as an experienced marketer to create customer journeys and automations. It's very powerful with excellent customer service. This is an affiliate of mine.


Wix is the website platform that I choose to work with because it is so easy to teach my clients to use and it gives me all of the marketing tools that my clients need to keep automating their customer retention. They also partner closely with Google to give your site speed, functionality, aesthetics, up-to-date look and feel - there is a TON of capability. They also have US based customer service, though occasionally it gets routed overseas. But they have always made things right for me and my clients. You can build your site for free, so why not give it a spin? Unless, of course, WE are designing your site! 

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